Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Orange Falls, Overstrand

I thought I'd have another go at painting the slumping cliffs here in Overstrand.  Since the recent tidal surge layers of fresh clay have been exposed and the water that constantly trickles down the cliff  leaves bright orange streaks.  Today was especially challenging; when the sun broke through the clouds, it was directly in front of me which made it hard to see the shaded cliff.  Dogs often roam around my feet whilst painting on the beach, but today I received close attention from one, both on it's way out and back!  It jumped up onto my palette dumping sand into my paint, and sniffed around my brush-water and paints as I held onto my pochade box, just hoping it wouldn't consume anything.  I was painting for three and a half hours which is a long session for a paint out, but felt I could have carried on when my time ran out.

Orange Falls, Overstrand, oil on board 10" x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey 2017

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Studio Paintings

I've just completed the second studio piece, painted from photographs, taken on a family beach walk.  It was a Winter's day and I was taken by the silhouettes against the brilliant colours and reflections.  When I'm completely wowed by my surroundings I like to take plenty of photos. I use these to produce studio paintings when I'm not up to bracing the elements to paint out.  I find it hard to resist copying a photo religiously, but I'm learning to create a path through the painting, towards the focal point where there is greater contrast and finer detail.

I think they make a good pair...

Winter Stroll, Cromer oil on board 48 cm x 48 cm. ©Tanya Pawsey 2017

Walking the Dogs, Cromer oil on board 48 cm x 48 cm. ©Tanya Pawsey 2017