Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Paradise in Overstrand

Life has been pretty busy lately so it's nice to finally post a finished painting!  This is a studio piece that I started earlier in the year and finished today.  Unbelievably the only studio piece I've completed all year (it wasn't touched for months).  The rest of my work was completed outdoors which is something I love and will continue but perhaps I should make more studio work too...  

Norfolk isn't all about grey skies and mist, there are times when it looks like paradise!  When the tide glides in over the wet and flat sand the reflections are mirror like.  If you know Overstrand you will see that you are on the East side.  As you look ahead you can see rocks piled up as sea defence, below where the Overstrand Hotel once stood. Above those is a little footpath up to top where you can see Pete's stargazing hut.  From there down is also the slope to the promenade.  Well, feels like paradise to me!

Paradise in Overstrand oil on board 48cm x 48cm ©Tanya Pawsey 2016