Thursday, 20 October 2016

Another Win at Paint Out!

I took part in the Paint Out Norwich Core competition on Monday and Tuesday, completing two paintings per day, each within three hours.  Monday morning was glorious, and feeling tired, I headed for a tranquil spot by the river in my favourite part of the City.  I had planned to paint Pull's Ferry, but after viewing it from both sides of the river I felt uninspired.  Instead, I opted for the serene vista from Bishop's Bridge, the only remaining medieval bridge in Norwich.  I felt joyous in my sublime workplace as suits rushed past behind and was captivated by the challenge before me.  I was delighted when  a game of swans carved the surface water and hurried to capture them. A fellow competition artist, Paul Alcock, came to paint from the side of the bridge and I was thrilled when I saw the finished piece as he had painted me, painting on the bridge!

Swans From Bishop's Bridge, oil on board 10 x 12 inches
Paul Alcock's painting showing me on the bridge
 Feeling more alert and brave, I went into the City centre for the afternoon to look for a spot on the market.  I was lured by the contre jour vista of  flags, canopy and banners glowing in the light, against the dark mass of buildings behind.  Many people stopped to take a look including the owner of the Ice Cream Parlour (shown in his pink apron) who expressed a keen interest in buying my piece from the exhibition.

Ice Cream on the Market, oil on board 10 x 12 inches
It rained the following morning so I took shelter painting the Cathedral Cloisters.  When I began the painting an orange glow shone over the door but the lights were soon turned off.  The afternoon was clear and bright and I went to check out what is widely claimed to be the oldest pub in the City, The Adam and Eve.  The pretty pub and garden were in complete shade and I was put off by the flat wall of tone.  As I walked away I was taken by the striking silhouette of the Cathedral tower and interesting walls and chimneys. I was by a churchyard so I climbed over the wall and set up.  I thought another Cathedral scene would be fitting for the exhibition at the Hostry Festival.

Painting The Cloisters. 
Norwich Skyline oil on board 10 x 12 inches.  This piece was submitted to the Silent Auction.

Last night was the Gala Evening at the Cathedral Hostry, this was the exhibition opening, silent auction and awards ceremony.  I was awarded a Judges Commendation cheque for £100 by Sue Grayson Ford for my favourite piece from the competition, Swans from Bishop's Bridge.  I relished my moment of glory as my work was critiqued and praised by the judges.  David Curtis telling me he'd considered choosing my piece for his commendation has to be the highlight of my career so far!  
My work exhibited in the Oils Category
Receiving my award from Sue Grayson Ford
The winning artists.
With the incredibly talented David Curtis ROI, RSMA,
Paint Out has been such an enriching experience for me that I would thoroughly recommend it to other aspiring artists.  I've learnt a lot from watching others tackle the challenges of plein air painting and look forward to taking part next year.  

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

I'm in the IEA Open Exhibition!

I'd love to become a member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists so I submitted a couple of plein air paintings to test the water and one was accepted!  The oil painting below titled Overstrand #3 will be exhibited at The Picturecraft Gallery Holt Friday 14th October to Tuesday 25th October.