Sunday, 18 September 2016

I'm a Winner at Paint Out Wells!

Took my time getting to the sunrise session as there was no sun forecast.  Arrived at about 7.45 knowing I had to submit a piece before brunch at 10.30.  I was gutted when I found the car park toilets locked on arrival as I had no time to find an alternative place to 'go'.  When I got to the quayside I saw that many artists had been working for some time and began to feel a little worried.  The sun had began creeping through the clouds so I headed east to find a contre jour vista.  I began to sketch the composition in when the sun shone so brightly that I felt compelled to capture the light on the water.  I soon realized that I had sketched in more than I felt I had time to paint and also that I'd find great difficulty in painting the dark of the water around the highlights.  Determined to submit a piece, I started a new one but zoomed in on the view and got the dark of the water in first.  I'm still struggling with my process of painting and spent a while switching pieces trying to decide which was best to go with but stuck with the second.  At 9.45 it began to spit with rain  which does not bode well when painting in water mixable oils.  After checking the forecast and watching the sky brighten during my journey, I'd decided to leave my umbrella (which I'd purposely bought for this event) in the car!  Thankfully I'd kept the painting simple so I quickly put in the final strokes and left.  When I got back to our hub at Congregational Hall I took out my painting and decided that despite the difficulties I liked this piece the best.  

The sun came out to greet us at the Buttlands and we all felt hopeful of some sales.  I wanted to paint on the green to gain attention to the exhibition but felt uninspired.  I settled on a view of my new friend Jennifer Sendall, painting under the shade of a tree, but as the sun disappeared as did my enthusiasm.  I gave the piece to Jen and packed up so that I could watch others work.  Shortly after, we were called in for the prize awards.  Brian Korteling won a much much deserved third prize then it was announced that I'd won the second prize of £500 for the piece I painted this morning!  It was no surprise that Alfie Carpenter won first prize as his work is amazing and all pieces had sold.  I'm over the moon that I've won a prize as I was already buzzing with pride at having the courage to take part.  I've won new friends, encouragement, inspiration and funds to invest into new equipment!  So thankful to everyone involved in the running of Paint Out and looking forward to Norwich next month.
Dancing Boats, Wells oil on board 10" x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey

Brunch on the Albatros with Jennifer Sendall, Eloise O'Hare and Christina Sabberton

Mary Brady and Michael Richardson

setting up

exhibition on the Buttlands

My prize!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Paint Out Wells

Had a great time taking part in my first competition! Met some lovely people and completed two paint out sessions in Brancaster Staithe and Wells.  I'm keeping this short and sweet as I'm up at the break of dawn to return to Wells quayside for a morning paint out before brunch with the Paint Out Wells team on the Albatros!  All works from the weekend will be exhibited on the Buttlands tomorrow afternoon, during which, we'll be painting our final session.  

Brancaster Staithe oil on board 10" x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey

From the Huts, Wells oil on board 10"x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Paddling Seagulls, Cromer

I sold another painting at the Garden House Gallery yesterday and as I was there to collect my earnings I thought I'd paint on Cromer beach.  I felt inspired by the fishing boats and tractors and the view of the town and pier, but as I had little time I set myself a less ambitious subject.  It was a bright yet hazy day and I was drawn to the brilliant colours of the water and the white gulls paddling.  I'm going to return to Cromer more often and further afield on Friday when I take part in Paint Out Wells.

The forecast was a sweltering twenty-six degrees and I  regretted donning my skinny black jeans.  Yesterday was a scorcher but I got the shivers painting in my vest, shorts and flip flops.  It's best to set out in minimal clothing and carry as many layers as possible.  Lately I've been wearing cut off denim shorts and a vest and carrying a selection of the following: a loose pair of linen trousers, a pair of loose wind and waterproof trousers, long sleeved T shirt, fleece gillet, fleece long sleeved top and lightweight wind and waterproof jacket.

Paddling Seagulls, Cromer oil on canvas 10 x 12 inches ©Tanya Pawsey 2016

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Overstrand #5

Felt a little rusty today as I hadn't painted during the school Summer holiday.  I've run out of palette paper and have tried mixing on my wooden pochade palette a couple of times.  I think I should have cleaned it well the previous time as mixing colour over stains of another was not easy.  I'm out to buy a new palette pad in the morning! 
Overstrand #5 oil on board 10" x 12", ©Tanya Pawsey 2016