Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Footpath to Sidestrand #2

Another windy day with high tide, so I walked along the cliff until I was struck by this magical contre-jour vision of joy!  Facing the bright morning sun, I was excited by the composition of contrasting tones and colours that lay before me.  The fresh green of Spring was glowing and the sea shone a brilliant white. When the sun was at it's brightest, sparkles appeared along the path, on the rocks and in the stream of water in the foreground.  The rocks, fence and cliffs cast a shadowy frame to the path, leading the eye into the distance.  I was gripped for three and a half hours and faced the problem of having to remember how the light was when I'd first arrived, as by the time I'd left the magic had gone.

Footpath to Sidestrand #2. oil on board 10" x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey 2016

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

April Showers

I braved the twenty-five mile-per-hour winds and managed to find a sheltered spot to paint from on Overstrand promenade.  Although a predominantly bright day, it had been raining before I'd left home and there were still black rain-clouds out at sea.  I love this kind of weather for the atmospheric shapes, tones and colours it provides.  What I most adore is the contrast between a dark grey sky and bright sunlit land or sea.  I'd never seen the sea so white with froth as the waves crashed about and hit the promenade.  I was in awe at the rapidly changing views of one amazing seascape after another and manged to capture something of it before it started to hail!

April Showers oil on board 10"x 12". ©Tanya Pawsey 2016

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Overstrand Promenade #1

I can't believe it's been three months since I last painted out!  Motivation has been low as I was very unhappy at the Belfry Art Centre where I was working on a studio painting for an exhibition for Open Studios.  I left my studio and the centre faces closure due to poor management.  I've since had an offer to exhibit at a gallery in Cromer during Open Studios so I'm on mission to paint as much as possible over the next couple of weeks.  It was go good to paint out again, although a cold day the sun warmed my soul, I felt invigorated, challenged and so much better than I had been feeling in my studio.  

When I first set up there were three tractors lined up along the beach, but as I started to sketch the composition the fishermen came in from sea taking the tractors away!  I hastily painted the two remaining tractors before they disappeared, and then painted the boats upon the promenade once they were parked.  On the way home I passed Andy in his boat on the promenade, and jokingly exclaimed "How dare you move your tractors whilst I'm painting them!"  Andy Davies is from a family of fisherman who have been catching crab and lobster in Overstrand for generations.  

Overstrand Promenade #1 oil on board 10"x 12". ©Tanya Pawsey 2016