Friday, 25 September 2015

Plein-air Painting of Sidestrand Beach

I made the most of low tide this morning and walked down to Sidestrand beach.   Every time I've been there, there has been a large area of wet sand and little streams which run from under the wall of breakers.  I love how these catch sunlight and reflections, so this is where I was heading.  It was a glorious sunny morning and the sunlight shone brightly, however by the time I came to paint the reflections the sky had become overcast and the contrasting tones had dulled.  I spent two and a half hours on this so I suppose I shall have to be quicker next time! I can see myself returning to this spot many times so I'm bound to capture it glowing soon.  I really wanted to stand back from my painting to appraise but dare not as the wind was so strong that I didn't let go of my easel. I must find a way to weigh it down, I'm thinking sand bags........

Sidestrand 1, oil on board 10"x 12" ©Tanya Pawsey 2015

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Getting Back into It

It's been great fun yet extremely frustrating getting outdoors to paint again - I can't believe it's been eight months since I last did it!  In fact I've not done so much as a sketch all Summer, so just drawing in the composition has been tough. I've wiped clean four beach landscapes so far but they're getting better, the fourth, painted two days ago is shown below.  This was painted in two hours from Overstrand promenade looking towards Sidestrand.

Towards Sidestrand, oil on board 10"x12" © Tanya Pawsey 2015
Due to the landscape rapidly changing as the tides highs and lows I decided to give myself a break and paint something a little more static.  Today I finished this painting which I started yesterday, painting two hours per day, a little too long in my opinion but I'm bound to get quicker.  This is one of the crab and lobster catching boats parked on Overstrand Promenade - I'm sure they're going to feature in many paintings.

Jayne Marie 1, oil on board 10"x12" © Tanya Pawsey 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Time and Space - Yippee!

I've given up part-time employment and moved to Overstrand where I'm hiring a studio at the Belfry Arts Centre - things are looking up!  @BelfryArts