Friday, 6 February 2015

Oil Painting: You Are My Sonshine...

Today I finished this portrait of my son, Jack, working from a photo.  In the past I've agonized and obsessed over painting portraits from photos, so for the last few months I've attempted to loosen up and complete a simplified, sketchy piece.  It hasn't gone well.  I find it so hard to simplify from a photo and all of my previous efforts have ended up in the bin.  Well, my husband really liked this and encouraged me to complete it so I went against by new belief that 'if a painting is going bad bin it and start again' and kept going.  I feel it's overworked, but although I'm unhappy with the paint application I'm glad with the result considering this took me a few days rather than a few weeks (as previous portraits from photos have done).  I like it because I've caught a good likeness and it warms my heart to see my son smile.  At least I can say I'm learning.  I must start to give myself a time limit so that I concentrate more on my organization and application.  I really like the blue highlights on the back of his head caused by the evening light through the window behind him.  He's sitting on my bed facing the en-suite door from which the warm light of the bulb is flooding out.  It's not a great photo - I couldn't avoid glare from the sun and the clip is visible in the right hand corner.

You Are My Sonshine..., oil on paper 11x14"