Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Oil Sketch of a Rose

I want to get faster at painting, so have decided to sketch objects in paint.  This was meant to be a quick sketch but I ended up spending nearly two hours on this.  I wiped out and re-painted the rose head a few times.  I used raw umber, titanium white, pthalo blue, permanent rose and cadmium yellow pale hue.  I scratched into the paint with the end of my brush.

Rose, oil on paper 10 x 7"

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Oil Painting: Frozen Winter Veg

I'm back!  I've been busy getting myself a job and working.  The hours I'm needed have eased off for the moment so it's time to get back into painting - yes!  It's been months since I last painted outdoors and to be honest I've been afraid to paint plein-air in Winter, but today I dragged myself out to experience it for the first time.  I wrapped up in jeans, water-proof trousers, a long sleeved T shirt, fleece jumper, long duck down coat, cap, wooly hat, leather gloves, two pairs of socks and wellies!  I'm glad to say that I wasn't as cold as I'd expected, it was only my feet that suffered - I must buy some snow boots!  I painted this on my neighbour's allotment in Dereham.  It was a sunny frosty day and I was taken by the stalks of sprouts and cabbages.

Frozen Winter Veg, oil on canvas 10 x 12"