Friday, 12 September 2014

Oil Painting, Pet Portrait of George

I recently took on my first commission in years, and although I was very nervous about taking it on I'm quite pleased with it.  My practice at direct painting has definitely paid off as I produced this piece within four days, in approximately twenty hours.  In the past I have slaved over commissions for weeks and even months, waiting for paint to dry before applying the next layer and striving for a complete reproduction of the photograph I'm working from.  I spent one day making a pencil drawing using my derwent scale divider to enlarge the image - this is a new tool and I much prefer it to drawing out grids.  I then spent a day making a monochrome under-painting in raw umber and the following two days added colour using only a limited palette of raw umber, burnt sienna, phthalo blue, yellow ochre and titanium white.  

George, oil on canvas 50x50cm