Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Daughter's First Experience at Plein-air Painting

At the start of the school Summer holiday I was adamant that I would not go the whole six weeks without making any art.  Well, the kids are back to school in four days and I've not managed so much as a sketch.  I did however manage to give my five year-old daughter her first experience at plein-air painting a few days ago.  She'd been bugging me to take her with me to 'paint the fields' for some time, but I thought it would be easier to let her have a go for herself.  As a keen little artist she was very excited about this and despite getting blown about and becoming very cold she said she enjoyed it.  I got so much joy from giving  her this opportunity as I'd never heard of a pochade box until the start of this year and painting outdoors is something that's long appealed to me.